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Judith began in 2015 with a commitment to publish exceptional poetry, fiction, and photographic literature.
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Judith presents award-winning poet Nicolás Cabrera's first bilingual collection: Ecos Neomexicanos.
Judith presents Joseph Indovina's second work of photographic poetry:
Was Is Will.
Author David Belczyk spent years collecting poignant dreams from diverse strangers and friends across the world. His collections became the basis for the poems in this seventh published work, Somniloquy, or sleep-talking, in which "Midnight [is] / A ruby in my mouth / A secret on my lips . . ." Follow his intrepid verse and voice into the deep places only reachable from the surrender of sleep: the unknown wish, the forgotten hope, the secret truth, the liquidity of pasts, and the revealed self reaching from dark night toward dawn.